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  Sparos Bistrot
Mediterranean Cuisine & Cocktails - Restaurant & Beach Bar Mega Lakkos Lixouri Kefalonia


Our restaurant-beach bar "Sparos Bistrot" which is located in Lixouri and more specifically in Mega Lakko, has been close to you for several years, offering daily to locals and tourists unique moments of enjoyment and relaxation in a beautiful and friendly environment.

Mega Lakkos beach is almost six kilometers from Lixouri. It is characterized by its reddish sand and shallow waters, as well as its large area. There you will also find our restaurant - beach bar which operates every year, from early spring to early autumn, every day from early morning until late at night.


every day you can find fresh fish and seafood, burgers, Greek and Mediterranean flavors, pasta, drinks and cocktails, coffees and snacks which you can enjoy at the tables of our restaurant overlooking the sea or on our sunbeds while taking a bath.

All our dishes are created using the best raw materials and with great care in order to be able to satisfy even the most demanding palate.

With love and care
we have created a fantastic and very summer setting, next to the sea, where it can offer you beautiful moments at any time of the day. Our experienced and courteous staff is by your side and always ready to provide excellent service to every customer.



On the beach you will find our sunbeds and umbrellas, where you can relax and take a bath while enjoying a cool coffee, juice, soft drink, cocktail and some snacks.
As the time passes and the sun sets, you can visit our restaurant to enjoy an excellent and rich meal with your family and friends, next to the sea. 
In the evening, the soft lighting, the moon and its reflection in the sea, create a romantic and relaxed setting ideal for enjoying your favorite drink or the cocktail of your choice.



to each customer, with excellent quality raw materials and perfect service we can ensure the satisfaction of even the most demanding customer.


So if you are in Lixouri and looking for the ideal place to relax and enjoy beautiful moments on your vacation, then you only have to visit our restaurant - Beach Bar.

We invite you to visit the restaurant - beach bar at Mega Lakko in Lixouri and be sure that you will spend beautiful and carefree moments enjoying quality and unique tastes, as well as excellent service.