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Sparos Bistrot | Mediterranean Cuisine & Cocktails - Restaurant & Beach Bar Mega Lakkos Lixouri Kefalonia


Our restaurant-beach bar "Sparos Bistrot" which is located in Lixouri and more specifically in Mega Lakko, is a landmark for the island and for those who love good and quality food.

Here, in a beautiful and very summer setting next to the sea, our friendly staff awaits you every day to offer you your morning coffee, the meal of your choice, your favorite drink and unique cocktails throughout the day

Coffee & Snacks

Unique varieties of coffee, cold and hot drinks, as well as snacks and small meals for every hour of the day.
Fish Seafood

With fresh fish and seafood, we create unique dishes that can satisfy even the most demanding palate.
Greek & Mediterranean Flavors

From grilled meats, to vegetable combinations, soups and salads, our guests can choose between carefully selected dishes from Greek and Mediterranean flavors.
Pasta delicacies

We offer you a variety of pasta dishes, made with the freshest organic ingredients that create delicious flavors, able to satisfy all tastes. 
All time favourites

Satisfying and delicious burgers and many more classic and favorite dishes that can drive young and old alike crazy.
Drinks & Cocktails

Our bartenders create unique combinations of flavors offering you the ideal cocktail according to your preferences.
With love and care
we have created a rich and special menu that can cover all your preferences. Just sit back, enjoy the view of the open sea and choose from the delicious selections prepared by our chef on a daily basis.



  All our dishes are prepared from the freshest ingredients, while we adhere to the strictest hygiene rules. They are cooked with love and art, accompanied by the right spices, in order to bring to your table dishes that will remain unforgettable.  
  Each dish we serve you is ready to tempt your palate and able to give you a special culinary experience, because each of our visitors is not a customer but a special guest.  
  We invite you to visit the restaurant - beach bar at Mega Lakko in Lixouri and be sure that you will spend beautiful and carefree moments enjoying quality and unique tastes, as well as excellent service.